Saturday, January 2, 2021

 Happy Saturday and Happy 2021! This is my last weekend of holiday vacation - I go back to work on Monday and I can't wait. I really enjoy my job and the opportunity to learn from such amazing physicians. With that being said, Monday also commences the continuation of my MCAT prep as I am finally scheduled to take in March *screams internally*. I took a break this last week to regain my energy and really come into the new year feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my new goals. I'll be trying to get back to posting more both on here and Instagram but also maybe take my blog in a new direction. Well see where it goes but I hope to continue doing this in the long run. I started blogging privately in undergrad to reduce anxiety and kind of fizzled out once I graduated. This past year was a whirlwind with COVID-19 and other personal issues including two car accidents this year that have left me with crippling anxiety. Looking back I noticed that I barely blogged as life got the best of me so for this year the goal is to stay consistent with blogging. My blog is a little bit of everything but I would love to hear in the comment sections if there's anything you want to see moving forward. I have gotten several requests for my skincare routine and that's coming, I promise. Happy New year everyone, we made it !!

#newyear #newintentions #newblogger #newgoals 

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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Target continues with its Black Friday sale this weekend. I have always loved Target's Home Decor and items in general. I have linked my must-haves home finds from Target including my favorite mirror. They have sales up to 60% off so its the perfect time to shop for the holiday season.  
#targetstyle #mirror #airpods #blackfriday #salealert #homdecor #newblogger #giftguide 

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Walmart is having a great sale with some of my favorite items up to 60 % off. My DJI Mini Mavic is on sale for $369! I also found that mini-fridges are also on a huge sale with as low as $29 for a mini-fridge! I couldn't help myself and I had to get one. It's perfect for an office space or a bedroom. I have been wanting one for a while so I was excited to see these were on sale!

#walmart #djiminimavic #mnifridge #blackfriday #newblogger #giftguide

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Friday, November 27, 2020

SHEIN is having its best sale of the year yet with up to 80 % off! I couldn't believe it when I went on their site and stumbled upon their Black Friday Exclusive. I have linked some of my favorites from this sale ranging from coats to loungewear. I have always loved SHEIN's loungewear as it never disappoints when it comes to cute and comfy. 
Use code BKFRIDAY 20 at checkout 
#SHEIN #blackfriday #loungewear #comfyandcozy #newblogger #giftguide

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Boohoo continues to have their 60 % off event today. I myself have already snagged some items and today won't be the exception. Most of my jeans are from Boohoo. I have always loved how affordable yet great quality their jeans are. Their jeans fit like glove but are also very stretchy which is great for me since my weight fluctuates with stress. I linked all of my favorite denim on sale at the moment ranging from the jean jackets, Mom/Boyfriend jeans and so much more. You can never have too much denim 😜 P.S - I also included some jean jackets for men. Ladies this is the perfect #giftforhim. Use code: SIXTY

#boohoo #denim #giftguide #salealert #blackfriday #giftforher #newblogger 

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